Transatlantic Dialogue on Sustainable Mobility

Developing future mobility to deliver people and products to global markets.

The United States and Germany both have to face the challenge of securing mobility for necessary economic processes in the future. The impact of mobility on the environment must be kept as low as possible to help guarantee an accessible infrastructure for all. This becomes increasingly important considering growth of population and traffic rates. So, how do we apply smart sustainability solutions? The Sustainable Mobility Transatlantic Dialogue brings together leading innovators to solve this question.

The core of the program will connect German and American organizations, companies and institutions in the field of mobility/research/sustainability. Through targeted roadshow series in the US and delegation trips to Germany the program establishes an exchange for best-practices. Focusing on different aspects of Sustainable Mobility, the program will include know-how transfer, technology development, case studies and much more.

Transatlantic Program

Since 1997, the German Federal Government has been promoting the German Program for Transatlantic Exchange (Transatlantic Program) through the European Recovery Program (ERP, a.k.a. the Marshall Plan). The funds are managed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.  They offer financial support to projects that promote exchange between Germany and the US. The fields of focus are culture, education, science, and economics. The Transatlantic Program aims to strengthen and reinforce the synergies that connect Europe with the United States. Projects funded by the program serve the following purposes:

  • Projecting an all-encompassing image of German culture and language
  • Fostering exchange between individuals, multipliers, and leaders, particularly of the younger generation
  • Providing a platform for the sharing of opinions on current and future issues
  • Promoting meetings aimed at economic cooperation

These initiatives aspire to lend fresh momentum to transatlantic relations. They should take an innovative approach and speak to the public interest.

Upcoming Programs

There are currently no upcoming programs scheduled. Check back for updates.

Past Programs

Delegation: Optimizing and Integrating Urban Mobility Networks
May 20 – 24, 2019 | Mainz, Cologne and Stuttgart

Roadshow: Optimizing and Integrating Urban Mobility Networks
February 7, 2019 | Oklahoma City, OK
February 5, 2019 | Birmingham, AL

Delegation: Walkability as a Blueprint for Smart Cities & Work Environments
November 12 Р16, 2018 | Frankfurt, Göttingen and Dresden

Roadshow: Walkability as a Blueprint for Smart Cities & Work Environments
September 13, 2018 | Little Rock, AR
September 11, 2018 | Charlotte, NC

Delegation: The Future of Smart & Green Ports
May 21 – 25, 2018 | Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Bremen

Roadshow: The Future of Smart & Green Ports
February 23, 2018 | Charleston, SC
February 21, 2018 | Houston,TX

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