Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the GACC South?

The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern United States (GACC South) was formed in 1978 to promote bilateral investment and trade relations between the southern United States and Germany. We are a registered non-profit organization and are the official representation of German industry and trade in the southern United States.

Does the GACC South provide travel or cultural information about the United States or Germany?

No, the GACC South as an organization deals exclusively with trade and business and therefore provides no maps, informational material or travel guides for the United States or Germany.

For cultural information on Germany, we recommend the following site: Goethe Institute USA

Business Services

Can the GACC South provide my business with contact information or help me in the search for business partners?

Yes, the GACC South can provide you with contact information for American companies in many ways to help you with your American market entry. These include our membership directory or individual services, such as address research or business partner searches.

How can the GACC South help my company enter the US market?

We offer several services and programs to help German companies enter the US market. A detailed listing of these services can be found in the “Consulting Services” area of our website.

How can I find information about a specific German or American company?

The GACC South has access to several American business databases through which we can access basic information and contact profiles from a large number of firms. Additionally, our Information Service is helpful.

The following links may also prove useful in your search.



How can I find manufacturers of German or American products?



How can I find out whether or not a company registered in the US is legitimate?

All companies are registered in the state in which they were founded. Each state in the US has an online database that provides information about legitimately registered companies in that state. The Secretary of State offices in the various respective states offer more information upon request.

For example: The State of Georgia

Market Information

Where can I find information about the American market?

The following links provide detailed information about the American market:

I am interested in information on the German market. Who can I contact?

The following organizations can provide information on the German market:

Export Questions

Where can I find information about exports to the United States?

The following internet links to official American organizations provide detailed information about exporting to the United States:



How can I register with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to export food products to the United States?

The Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft der deutschen Agrarwirtschaft GmbH (CMA) can help with registering food and animal feed products.

The necessary US-Agent service for importing foods into the United States is offered by the GACC in New York.

Legal and Tax Questions

Can the GACC South help me with legal and/or tax issues?

Yes, we have a vast network of German-speaking and internationally-oriented lawyers and tax advisers. As a part of our General Information Service, we are happy to provide you with the contact information you desire.

The GACC in New York is an extremely valuable resource for information on legal and tax questions related to international business.

How do I start a company or subsidiary in the United States?

Starting a company in the United States is a less bureaucratic process than in Germany. As a part of your market entry plans, we are happy to support you and answer your questions on the topic of establishing a company in the U.S.

Visa Questions

Where can I find information concerning visa applications?

The GACC South does not handle matters concerning visa applications. For all questions concerning visa applications, we recommend the following websites: