About Us

Our Region

Spanning from the Carolinas to Texas, our region covers eleven states. Five regional Chapters and two affiliates support the GACC South’s network in this region. Our chapters provide membership services and organize special events and networking opportunities for local members and the community.

Florida Chapter

Established in 2012, our Chapter serves the German-American business community by providing reliable support and producing engaging events that carry on the mission of the GACC South to our partners within Florida.

Our Chapter in Action

Our Chapter provides unique experiences for our members by partnering with local and statewide organizations. Our partnerships include organizations such as the City of Orlando, Enterprise Florida, and the Tampa Port Authority in addition to recognized leaders in business and research like Bauer Foundation, the Max Planck Florida Institute, and Holland & Knight.

North Carolina Chapter

North Carolina is home to one of the largest contingents of German subsidiaries and related companies in the nation. This is an important factor that led to the creation of our Chapter in 2002.

Our Chapter in Action

The leaders of our chapter are very well connected in the business community of North Carolina. The chapter organizes events so that the members may take advantage of this extensive network. These events include:

  • bi-monthly Stammtisch at Old Mecklenburg Brewery hosted by Kühne + Nagel 
  • monthly German American Business Dialogues with German American companies in the Charlotte region
  • annual New Member reception and New Year’s reception

These and other events in the Carolinas can be found in the events section of this site.

South Carolina Chapter

The state of South Carolina provides an excellent business platform for international organizations to prosper in both the United States and global markets. As a major trading partner with Germany, South Carolina continues to stand at the forefront of German-American relations. This is highlighted by the presence of over 100 German organizations within the state. South Carolina has five major interstates and a commercial airport within an hour of any location in the state, along with The Port of Charleston, being the biggest port in the Southern United States. Why have German companies invested so heavily in the state? South Carolina is characterized by a sound business climate, a good labor supply, competitive operating costs and more.

Our Chapter in Action

The leadership of the South Carolina chapter is organizing multiple events throughout the state. 

  • Stammtische at Hans & Franz Biergarten in Greenville hosted by G+W Equipment
  • Stamkmtische at Commonhouse Aleworks in Charleston, SC hosted by Kúhne + Nagel
  • infrequent German American Business Dialogues throughout South Carolina
  • annual New Member reception and New Year’s reception

These and other events in the Carolinas can be found in the events section of this site.

Tennessee Chapter

The Tennessee Chapter of the GACC South is an organization that:

  • provides a networking platform for businesses and individuals that are involved or interested in developing trade and business activities between Tennessee and Germany
  • offers support for newcomers from Germany to Tennessee and vice versa

Networking events are held in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville. At these events, local members can start setting up the infrastructure to host events. The Chapter is also working on signature events—like presentations and business luncheons—that feature guest speakers talking about various points of interest related to commerce between Germany and Tennessee.

Texas Chapter

The GACC South Houston Office acts as a link between German and American business. Our Chapter works mainly with companies in the energy sector, particularly in Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, as well as Oil and Gas. We invite companies from all industries who have an interest in U.S. expansion to take advantage of our services.

We host various events along with networking opportunities throughout Texas, some of which are in close cooperation with local chambers or other institutions. All events can be found in the events section of this site.